Photo Competition 2019-20

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The club’s Photographic Competition is an annual event, started by Geoff Tanner as far back as 1954. The annual social event usually takes place at Morley College when all the entries are shown and commented on by the judge. Luckily, this year’s social was held on 28 February – before the restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to the Photographic Competition organiser Sigrid for another enjoyable and interesting event.

The judge is always someone independent from the club. In 2019/20 we were fortunate to secure the services of Steve Mepsted, Programme Manager for Digital Media & Photography at Morley, to whom many thanks for his friendly but critical comments.

Photographs were submitted across five categories: A, Landscape & Scenery; B, Flora & Fauna; C, People; D, Buildings & Art and E, Special Subject (which this year was ‘Signs’).  The winners and runners up in each of these categories are shown below. In addition the ‘Maria Lee’ prize (in memory of a late member who was organiser of the competition for many years) for the best of the winning photographs went to Sandra H for her photograph, Antananarivo, Madagascar, which also took first prize in the Landscape and Scenery category.

Photo Competition 2019-20: the winning entries

A: Landscape and Scenery

1st prize – Antanaviro, Madagascar, Sandra H. 2nd prize – The Blue Pool, Chris B. 3rd prize – A Red tsingy, Sandra H. Highly Commended – A Rio Maggiore in the Cinque Terre, Barbara L. Highly Commended – By the Bodensee, Germany, Christine R.

B: Flora and Fauna

1st prize – Wildflowers, Linda B. 2nd prize – Rushes, South Island NZ, Sue C. 3rd prize – Window Cill, Carol S. Highly Commended – Baobabs, Sandra H. Highly Commended – Fairy Footpath, Mary Jane A.

C: People

1st prize – Solitary Sea Angler, Barbara L. 2nd prize – Catch of the Day, Sandra H. 3rd prize – Scooters at Santon Bridge, Christine R. Highly Commended – Touched by a Golden Glow, Sigrid B. Highly Commended – Beached, Mary Jane A.

D: Buildings and Art

1st prize – Luxor, Egypt, Sue C. 2nd prize – Innsbruck building lit for Winter Fair, Christine R. 3rd prize – Spiral, Sigrid B. Highly Commended – Endless Column, Tony A. Highly Commended – House and Tree, Sandra H.

E: Special Subject – Signs

1st prize – V&A Dundee, Sigrid B. 2nd prize – No Money, Langernagen Germany, Christine R. 3rd prize – No Way Down, Mary Jane A. Highly Commended – My Garden, Carole S. Highly Commended – Roadside, North Island NZ, Sue C.