Berwick to Exceat

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25 May. It was yet another day of East Sussex perfection.  Ten walkers, sunshine, invigorating fresh air, larks ascending, varied and beautiful scenery, two historic churches from the Cuckmere Pilgrim Trail, an organist and flower arrangers.  

Organist at St Pancras Church, Arlington

Four walkers took advantage of the drop out points at Wilmington and Litlington and caught either the Ramblers or Arts buses back to the station. Six walkers finished the walk to Exceat, but declined the option extension over Seaford Head. We definitely walked 10+ miles, some said 11, others said 12. Who knows? We arrived at Exceat along with the younger set coming down from The Sisters, or up from the beach. Four coaster buses passed by – full to capacity. In the end we crossed the road to catch a nearly empty bus back to Eastbourne and took the train back.  

Grateful thanks to Virginia and France for joining me on my recce two weeks ago, as well as to my 9 other pleasant and congenial companions – Patricia. Thanks to France, both Christines and Julian, for taking photos.

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