New Years Day 2022

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Tony and Mary-Jane would normally go for a walk on New Years Day and meet up with local people if they are around. So it was sociable to include their walk in local parks in the Morley College Ramblers programme.

Covid prevented them from doing anything more than a wave to the group led by Carole as they passed on the way to Burgess Park. Seven members met at Denmark Hill and enjoyed the views from Ruskin Park towards the river and the Houses of Parliament. The tree-lined streets of Camberwell lead to St Giles Church and its peaceful gardens behind the cathedral like structure. Across the main road is Brunswick Park, normally quite busy with children and dog walkers enjoying its attractive surroundings.

Burgess Park provided a meeting place for those who wanted a shorter walk. The cafe, and even the walled garden was unfortunately, closed so food and drink was found only after a circuit of the park. The necessary outdoor break by the lake coincided with the weather turning colder. The group decided to follow their respective and mostly differing routes back home.

Tony (thanks to Janet for photo)

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