Liss to Petersfield, 22 June

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There is a big change to this walk because we cannot use the usual pub for lunch as it is having a beer festival to which access is only with tickets. A by-product of the revised route is that the walk will be much shorter at 7.5 miles instead of 11 miles. This is fortuitous as I had been thinking of shortening the walk.

Train. Buy a return to Petersfield as it’s one stop further out than Liss. 

Our train is the 8.45 from Waterloo (Portsmouth & Southsea train), arriving 10.08 at Liss with no changes. Stops on the way include Clapham Junction 8.52, Woking 9.13, Guildford 9.25, & Haslemere 9.53.

If you miss that train, you can catch the 9.00 from Waterloo (Portsmouth Harbour train), but you’ll need to change at Haslemere to the Portsmouth & Southsea train departing at 9.57, arriving 10.08 at Liss. The 9.00 train to Haslemere does not stop at Clapham Junction.

Lunch. I have booked an inside table for 8 people for lunch. If you wish to eat in the pub, you must let me know by email as soon as possible to

I will be eating in the pub and the first 7 people who contact me will also be guaranteed a seat at the booked table. After that, you will be taking pot luck as to whether the pub has space to serve you food. It would be prudent to bring some lunch with you, if you’re not in the first 7 who contact me.

There is a village green & a church near the pub for those who are eating a picnic.

The Walk. A varied walk through hills, fields, woods and country lanes, with beautiful views. Although only 7.5 miles, there are lots of uphills and downhills, mostly gentle, except for the section described in “Hazards” below.

There will be two visits to historic churches. A theme of the afternoon will be Edward Thomas, the poet who was killed in the First World War. 

Hazards. After lunch, for about 1.5 miles, it is mostly uphill and ends with a long, very steep uphill section. The reward is the view every time we pause for breath and look back. Following that, there is a very steep section down the “Shoulder of Mutton Hill”. You are strongly advised to bring a walking pole or stick to use on this section. The views from this hill are stunning.

Dropout Points. There are no dropout points, other than ordering a taxi from the lunchtime pub.

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