Berwick to Exceat, 25 May

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Last year some of you came on the first part of the Cuckmere Pilgrim Path where we visited 5 churches. And some managed 6 with a visit to Lullington as well.

This year I am continuing the trail but starting in the opposite direction. We will visit 2 churches (they are usually always open on Sat) and possibly a 3rd church 

Just a reminder buy return ticket to Berwick – although we will return from Seaford for those who complete the full walk. Berwick is the furthest station so fare will cover Seaford.

The full walk will be over 10 miles but there are drop out points. 

Many stiles – some decrepit – we gave up counting once we reached 5.

Please bring sandwiches, snacks and plenty of drink. The lunch stop is alfresco at Wilmington church. There is no formal refreshment stop until the Plough and Harrow at Litlington. 

Please bring spare coins for purchase of cards from the churches – our 3 churches should be open – according to their websites.

Please bring sun screen and sun hats. 


08.24 dep Victoria – please sit in the 5th carriage from the back to arrive at the staircase at Lewes 

09.26 arr Lewes

quick dash up the steps and over to platform 2 for loo or coffee shop.  Please do not dawdle. It is important to catch our connection. 

There is no loo stop after Lewes station until we reach a pub – sooner or later

09.42 dep Lewes

09.54 arr Polegate

10.04 dep Polegate

10.09 arr Berwick

From Berwick station we will cross a couple of fields and promenade along the Arlington Reservoir and head to Arlington Church. We cross a bridge but have to climb over a barrier. On the recce a local lutist serenaded the visitors to the church, but I cannot promise he will be there next Sat. 

Then through fields and over railway tracks. The fields were a bit boggy and there was some undulation. And there are stiles. 

We then have to cross the very busy A27.  Please ensure vigilance and patience, and do not dash out into the road until the cars have stopped for us in both directions. 

Once across we head down Milton St but we must keep our eyes peeled for the hidden waymark on our left. Once found, this footpath will lead us to Wilmington Church where there will be time to admire the 1,000+ yew tree and some interesting stained glass inside. This is also the picnic lunch stop. 

drop out 1 Walk back up The Street to the Giant’s Inn and wait for the hourly Cuckmere Ramblers Bus. Freedom pass not valid – please pay with card rather than change – approx £2 to £3. The bus will take you back to Berwick station. If you miss the train, you can wait at the Berwick pub/cafe.

drop out 2 Follow footpath from church to The Sussex Ox, Milton St for refreshments (approx 20 to 25 mins). If you wish to eat at the pub please call them direct to confirm your arrangments: Tel – 01323 870840  Email – Then follow footpath through another field and then down to the Cuckmere and on to Alfriston (another church), tea rooms, and Cuckmere Ramblers Bus. The bus will take you to Seaford railway station (2 trains an hour to Lewes – change trains for London Victoria – no doddling)

further option Climb part way up the hill with us then take the track to the right and follow track down to the road (parallel to Alfriston) and continue a bit further south (single file) to Lullington Church. Then take footpath back to Alfriston. It would help if you brought a map – but the route is simple.

continuation The rest of us will climb up The Long Man of Wilmington to the very summit (last bit very, very, steep). This climb should be treated as strenuous. We then head south along the top of the Downs to Lullington Heath and take the track to Litlington (dirt track, loose stones). Ancient church. We will then enjoy refreshments at the Plough and Harrow, Tel 01323 870 632

drop out 3  Await the Cuckmere Ramblers bus which will take you back to Berwick station, hopefully in time for the hourly service to Lewes (change trains for London Victoria).

continuation Follow the meandering Cuckmere River down to Exceat Bridge.  Cows and calves were kept separately and well away from the path on the recce, and I hope this remains the case on Sat. There was a small herd of heifers who tried to frighten us, but they became bored very quickly. 

Then on to the Coaster Bus stop – Freedom passes accepted. However, we may encounter day trippers heading back from the Seven Sisters and if the bus is full, we will have to wait our turn. The bus will take us to Seaford. There are 2 trains an hour from Seaford, then change Lewes. 

Optional extension Anyone with the health and strength may continue to follow the Cuckmere, and then ascend Seaford Head and descend to Seaford station – an extra 1.5 hours. 

This will be a long day, with undulation, boggy grass, stiles, busy road, strenuous climb, ancient churches (if open), wonderful views, fresh air, the sound of larks, good pubs and local buses which I hope will run to time.  The weather forecast looks good. (Any questions, please contact Patricia. Non-members contact

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