Clandon to Guildford, 6 April

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Please note: change to train time; and how to book lunch.

Lunch  If you wish to eat in the pub, please choose from the menu below and let Terry know your choice before 12noon on Thursday 4th April (non-members please email

Train  Buy a return to Guildford as it’s further out than Clandon.

There is a small change to the train time on the published walks programme because the ASLEF train drivers overtime ban may result in some train cancellations. Therefore, we will aim for the earlier 8.54 from Waterloo, arriving at Clandon at 9.53.
If that train is cancelled, we will catch the 9.03 from Waterloo, arriving Clandon at 9.57. If that’s cancelled, we’ll catch the 9.33 from Waterloo, arriving at Clandon at 10.27.

The Walk  A walk through rolling hills, fields, woods and country lanes, with some beautiful views. However, there are a lot of uphills and downhills, mostly gentle, except for the sections described in “Hazards” below.

On the recent recce, there was surprisingly little mud, probably because the soil is mostly sandy or chalky.

If we have time, we will visit a church dating from the Saxon times, with a 15th C. wall painting of St Christopher and a 19th C. mortuary chapel designed by Pugin.

Hazards  Towards the end of the morning, there is a very steep, downhill chalk ravine, which is particularly slippy when wet. You are strongly advised to bring a walking pole to use on this section.

About one hour after lunch, there is a long uphill section, which is quite hard going. However, the beautiful views from the top of St Martha’s-on-the-Hill make the effort worthwhile.

There are some country lanes without pavements and a couple of busy roads to cross, so please listen to and follow the guidance of the walk leader.

Dropout Points  The first dropout point is at lunchtime as the no. 32 bus leaves from the pub, the Drummond Arms, at 27 minutes past the hour to go westward to Guildford bus station. It takes about 17 minutes.

The second dropout point is about one hour after lunch, before the walk up to St Martha’s-on-the-Hill. This is another opportunity to catch the no. 32 bus into Guildford.

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