Balcombe Circular

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30 April. A group of 12 met at Balcombe to enjoy our walk in perfect weather in the beautiful rolling hills around Balcombe.

The tranquil waters of Ardingly reservoir had some added entertainment from the activity of rowers, yachts and occasional angler, before we climbed up to St Peter’s Church.

We were helped to roll back the carpet in the aisle leading to the pulpit to uncover what is regarded as some of the finest medieval brass memorials to be found anywhere in England. They recount a story of two Culpeper brothers who married two sisters, grandaughters of Richard Wakehurst, notable for inclusion in the brasses of their ten sons and eight daughters. will provide those interested to much more background on this subject.

The walk may be remembered most for the displays of buttercups in both the morning and afternoon, but also for the huge masses of wild garlic, now in flower on the hillsides. Not the most common bouquet to offer to your partner!

French love story …

Lunch was at Wakehurst Place, where one member was able to access the gardens and return home by bus and train from Haywards Heath whilst the rest enjoyed the relatively short but equally rewarding return ramble to Balcombe.

Tony. Thanks to Carole, Virginia and Christine M for photos.

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