Hampstead Heath

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November 27th was a day when an incentive was required to get out of bed. The weather was predicted to be wet, windy and cold. There were warnings of disruption on public transport.

One of our members regularly volunteers on Saturday mornings and was spotted at her workplace. Some people are motivated to swim outside in Hampstead ponds. Fortunately, Morley Ramblers had on offer a relatively easy walk around the eastern paths of Hampstead Heath, and 15 used it as the reason to get out into some very fresh air.

The view from Parliament Hill was fairly clear despite the weather. Following a brief stop at the Farmer’s Market most of the group progressed to Kenwood House for an intended early lunch stop. Those managing that venue had decided that the weather was so bad that they would close early. Despite providing a takeaway option, they decided not not to allow anyone inside the cafe !.

Less surprisingly, those who did not drop out at this point agreed that a relatively short return route should be followed to the station and buses. The weather was not as bad as the forecast and approximately half the original group had a warming and social end of the outing in a pleasant Hampstead cafe.

Thanks to Mary-Jane for the photo.

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