St Margaret’s (Herts) circular, 3 Dec

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Liverpool Street 9.04. St Margaret’s (Herts) 9.53

Calls at Tottenham Hale 9.25 (probably platform 4).

Return from St Margaret’s 17 and 47 minutes past each hour. Pub near station for those who wish a rest.

No toilet facilities at the station.

This is a relatively undemanding walk of around 9 miles, but there is no drop out point available for public transport.

The current issue is likely to be conditions underfoot, with a couple of places possibly necessitating waterproof footwear. Possibly a spare pair of socks. There are no climbs of note.

Lunch is at a lovely pub in Wareside. Booking is not necessary, but it would be helpful to let Tony know in advance if you definitely wish a pub meal. There is a nearby area for your packed lunches, although limited cover. (The weather forecast looks hopeful).

Tony Atkins 07484 297500

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