2021/22 Photo Comp entries

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REMINDER – the closing date for submitting photographs for the 2021/22 Photographic Competition is Saturday 8 January 22.

I am intending to do Tony’s parks walk on Saturday 1 January, a possibility to hand over material. As far as Saturday 8 January goes, I may not be able to come out on Mike’s walk. If that’s the case then I would be prepared to come to Waterloo station in the morning before your train departs to collect items. Anyone posting entries to me on an USB (memory stick) would need to do so early enough to reach me safely by the closing date (please make sure you seal envelopes well all around).

Instructions on how to submit images are published on our website under the ‘members’ section and were also attached to my previous email sent out by Susan Howard on 18/11/21. Any questions, email me – sigridbeil@greenbee.net

So far, four participants have confirmed (two of them have already submitted their material). It would help me to know who else is submitting images, a brief message via email, that’s all it takes. NB: Any further updates regarding the photo comp will be posted on our website, so please keep checking.

Thank you and wishing you all as good a festive season as possible,


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