This week’s walk (13 Nov) Egham Circular

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1. Lunch
If you wish to eat in the pub at lunchtime, you must let Terry, the walk leader, know by email  before 5.00pm on Thursday 11th November (non-members contact This is because the pub requires prior booking as it is so busy on Saturday lunchtimes that it gets fully booked up.
Those who are not eating in the pub will be having their picnics sitting on logs in the woods nearby. There is no cover if it’s raining, but the forecast at the time of writing is a low chance of rain. You should be able to come into the pub for a drink after your picnic, unless it is completely full.

2. Summary of the Walk 
A varied walk through woods, wild meadows & parkland and beside a huge lake (Virginia Water). The paths are mostly flat or gently undulating except that, at the end of the walk, there is a 1/2 mile descent but it’s not steep.
Highlights include the wonderfully varied autumn colours of the trees, especially looking across the stunningly beautiful Virginia Water, walking through the delightful Valley Gardens in Great Windsor Park and a visit to the Air Force War Memorial overlooking Runnymede(if time permits).

3. Warnings 
There is a need to cross the very busy A30 at a point where there is no pelican crossing and there are short sections along narrow roads with no pavements and fast cars. It is crucial for your safety that you follow the leader’s guidance on the day about walking those sections.
There are a few short muddy sections in woods, but otherwise it should be firm underfoot. As always, you must have stout footwear with ridged soles for those muddy bits and the 1/2 mile descent. Also, a walking pole would be useful.

4. Possible dropout points
It is not easy to drop out at lunchtime. You’d need to order a taxi from the pub to a train station. The nearest is Sunningdale, 2 stops further from London than Egham. It’s a walk of 45 – 60 minutes to Sunningdale station from the pub. Tell Terry if you want to walk it, he’ll give you a map of the route to the station if you haven’t a smartphone.
There is a dropout point in the afternoon at about 30 minutes after lunch. i.e. about 2.15pm. Terry can show you the route, which is easy but boring as it’s mostly on pavement along the side of the A30. It takes about 45 minutes to reach Egham station, arriving about 3pm. This compares with completing the full walk which takes an additional 75 minutes (including a 15 minutes visit to the Air Force War Memorial, arriving at Egham station at about 4.15pm.

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