Photo Competition 2021

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The deadline for entering is 9 January 2021

Those who wish to participate may submit up to 15 photos on a usb stick by Saturday 9 January.

Please only submit images taken by yourself after last year’s closing date, i.e. 6 January 2020. The maximum number of images per entrant is 15 across all the categories. However, you can choose any of the categories and submit fewer images than the maximum number.

Categories are as follows:

A       Landscape & Scenery

B       Flora & Fauna

C       People

D       Buildings & Art

E        Special Subject: NEIGHBOURHOOD

Please copy your digital images onto a USB stick (to be returned to you after the event) clearly labelled with your name together with a list of your pictures per category in alphabetical order for ease of reference.

Each image should have a caption, i.e. the letter of the category, followed by the title, followed by your initials. For example:  E Quiet Night – XYZ [NB: no punctuation and only one single space between the category and the title – otherwise it’ll interfere with the automatic alphabetical listing when all images get combined].

Although we won’t know at this stage how Covid will impact our event early next year, the information below stands for the time being in the hope that we can hold the Photographic Competition Social in-house at Morley College on Friday 26 February 2021 at 3.30 pm. We have been allocated the Emma Cons Hall which is large enough if we have to observe social distancing as it allows up to 50 people under such circumstances.  Steve Mepsted has kindly agreed to judge our efforts again.

Happy snapping!


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